janet-powers-social-audiences-womens-toolboxA pioneer and corporate refugee, outspoken, honest and dedicated are a few words people use to describe Janet Powers. Janet’s storied career from corporate America to entrepreneurship is laid with trial, error, success, commitment and loyalty. Her drive and desire to succeed and help others succeed is unsurpassed.

Today, Janet Powers has blended two of her long-time passions, that of leveraging technology to solve business problems and development of audience engagement strategies to increase productivity inside an organization and new revenue opportunities for every business. In her practice today Janet helps corporations to implement and leverage collaborative technology to build communities that drive results and revenue.

“Our Social Audiences’ team has changed the entire paradigm on partnering. We are the authority in community building, audience engagement and content delivery.” Janet Powers, CEO


Audience Engagement Workshops

Participate to Engage, Starting the Conversation with your Workforce.

participate to engageEveryone is talking about engaging a workforce.  There is enough research and stats to tell you employee engagement is critical to a company’s long term success. Most companies are implementing collaboration technology to enable the engagement.

What you may not have thought about yet is that technology will not start a conversation – ever.  Technology does not have an opinion, a voice, a problem.  People have opinions, a voice and problems.

In this workshop, Janet explains to management teams and engagement professionals what it takes to start a conversation so your workforce is talking to you and to each other.


Are you sending the right message to the right audience?

Picture1The key to developing an active and engaged social audience is understanding its needs and interests so you can recognize and provide spot on, high quality information that leads to long-term relationships and trust with your company and brand.

Because any social audience is diverse, you must reach users at all levels of expertise, encourage involvement and develop a relationship with each member of that audience. To ensure that the right people get the right message, you must define how you measure engagement and consistently monitor your progress.

When you hit the mark, your social audience will be engaged, make meaningful contributions, and exercise its infinite power to virally spread your message through the audience members’ personal networks.

In this workshop, Janet teaches you exactly how to identify the audience for each message, how to align the company’s voice with its mission and how to ensure the message is seen and heard!


Is the worry about what they might say stopping you from engaging your workforce?

Let’s face it, employees are already having “water cooler” conversations about the company …wouldn’t insight into those conversations help with innovation, problem solving, efficiencies and customer service?

Do not worry about what they might say, instead embrace your new ability to hear first hand what they are saying and how that information can identify new opportunities, potential issues and untapped internal resources and experts.

In this session, Janet will walk you through the best practices to develop the internal guidelines for engagement, how to set the tone for collaboration and strategies to make collaboration be the force of innovation in your organization.



Strategies to ensure your collaboration tool doesn’t turn into a productivity problem.

Every company that implements a social strategy is concerned that this new tool for communication and collaboration will reduce the productivity of the workforce. Managers are concerned that employees will spend more time “socializing” on the tool rather than doing their work.

There are many ways to ensure productivity doesn’t suffer but the 3 best strategies that will immediately increase productivity and long term success for collaboration.  These 3 strategies include tactics to set the tone of conversations, foster innovation, identify operational efficiencies and create camaraderie across the organization.


Employee Engagement…who’s job is it to implement and maintain it?

No one has a college degree in workforce engagement.  Very few have had hands on experiences implementing an internal social strategy in the workplace.  There are limited places to go for best practices, new ideas, strategies for success.

Companies struggle to decide who should be responsible for workforce engagement.  What department, what role, what experience does the person need, what do they have to know, what, what , what…enough to make any management throw their hands in the air and walk away from the decision.

Unfortunately, we both know that is not the solution…but thankfully there are solutions, and the solutions are neither hard or complicated.  In this session, Janet will show how to define the role, select the candidate, training and measurement tools and more.


Are you concerned about institutional knowledge leaving your company?

Boomers are retiring.  There are more and more career opportunities for people of all skill levels. Employee turnover is going to increase over the next 12-24 months.  How do you protect your company from knowledge leaving your company by leveraging collaborative strategies today?

The simple answer is that you celebrate the thought leaders and innovators in your company now, provide the tools for them to share their knowledge, document the unique expertise they have and allow others to engage with them to ask questions and learn new skills.

Seems simple…it isn’t.

Documenting and transferring knowledge is a strategy every company needs to leverage to ensure business operations and client service remains intact if an employee leaves the organization AND it must be done right to be sure all the knowledge is known and there are no surprises after the employee leaves.  In this session, Janet shows you how to identify the critical knowledge you need to document and the people you must engage now before they leave the organization.


Women Success Workshops

It’s Called “Work” for a Reason. The truth about what it takes to get ahead in your career.

It’s all about math…and sometimes the math doesn’t work.  A strong believer in knowing what you give up before you step up, Janet shares her experience on the age old saying…be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

In this session, Janet helps the audience understand that every step they take up the ladder, they make a different contribution but sometimes they have to give up something too.  Knowing the gains and losses of each job change and promotion will help you make the right decisions at the right time.



Operational Efficiencies Workshops

Leverage Technology & Operational Efficiencies to Save Time & Money.

You wonder if there are faster, better, cheaper ways to operate your business. You know there has to be a better way but you do not know where the wasted time is in your operation or what technology/best practices could be implemented to increase productivity and decrease expenses.

Here is a list of suggested topics we can discuss in your session:

1. What do you do every day – where do you spend your time?

2. What is the business process to sell/service your product/service?

3. How many times do you touch the same piece of paper or email before it gets done?

4. Who else works in your business and what do they do and most important, are they being efficient?

5. Are there extra steps in your process (which costs you time and money) that can be eliminated or streamlined?

6. Is there technology that you can easily implement that will make running and managing your business easier?

7. How do clients reach you for sales/service and is there a better way for you and them to communicate?

8. Are you paying for tools/services that you no longer use but you never investigate what they are?

9. What can you easily implement to deliver the same or better level of service to your clients for less cost and time?

10. What services do you offer your clients that are high cost and low value that your client would not miss?